Ben Youcef


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Abdelwahab Benyoucef
  • Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)


Discovered by Steven Spielberg in Munich, this theater trained actor studied in London before working as a top model in NYC for leading designers and advertisers. After moving to LA he played Guest Leads on Law & Order, CSINY, NCIS:LA and Chicago P.D. He co-starred in From The Rough opposite Taraji Henson and the late Michael Clark Duncan. Starred in The Algerian based on a story he wrote and he won best actor for at the Downtown LA & London International Film Festivals. The son of a diplomat Ben speaks fluent Arabic & is the lead Arabic voice for Call To Duty, Medal Of Honor and X-men: Apocalypse. He is considered the go-to consultant & voice-over expert for all five Arabic dialects in both major film and television productions. After deep and meaningful discussions with Steven Spielberg Ben volunteered to be an active member with a non-profit Inter-Faith group of Jews/Christians/Muslims in LA. and an online video of his Call to Prayer has gone viral worldwide with over 20 million views on YouTube & NPR followed with a segment on him contrasting his Interfaith life with his life as a Hollywood actor. As a result Oscar winning composer Philip Glass asked Ben to join him at The Hollywood Bowl in front of 18,000 to perform the Call to Prayer in “Powaqqatsi.” The Los Angeles Times review called his performance “uniquely moving and important.” After being interviewed on Swedish television the International Press praised Ben for his ability to “captivate people with his extraordinary charisma and talent.” Most recently Ben has collaborated with James Franco on several interesting independent films while continuing to work on his craft with the Tony Award winner actor Paul Sand.


Trailers & Videos


Trailer : Future World