Dale Jackson



Although Dale Jackson has always had a passion for acting, playing the lead in several of his school plays, it was not until age twenty-one she he began his career in the entertainment industry. Starring as the lead in an Italian motorcycle television commercial, he decided to pursue a career in film and modeling. He moved to Los Angeles, California where he was scouted by an acting manager, whose agency also discovered and represented Charlize Theron at the time. He was quickly put forward for a well established ABC studios, daytime soap opera, and then flown to New York City for the callback. The studio then asked if Dale could get some dialogue coaching to perfect his American accent, and prepare His United States working visa in preparation for future roles. Dale returned to South Africa, where his modeling career took off, and although he continued to complete many acting workshops, and a few short films, his acting talents were mainly limited to the over 40 TV commercials, a few music videos and the many model shoots he worked on. In 2005, Dale played the lead in the short film, “Fast Track”. In 2007 he played the lead in the Science Fiction thriller, “Spoon”. His latest TV commercial has just been released where Dale is the new Bar One Man. He is also a well accomplished Public Speaker, debater and orator.


  • Movie Name


  • Samson

    Action, Drama

    4.4 /10

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