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Jeon Woo Chi

Year: Duration: 65 MinView: 19 views

Jeon Woo Chi is student of Hong Gil Dong, fights against Ma Sook and Kang Rim to protect Hong Gil Dong′s country Yuldo. Jeon Woo Chi acts like a lazy nobody in everyday life, but whenever he has to fight he transforms into the magician Jeon Woo Chi. He even puts his life on the line when Hong Moo Yeon, granddaughter of Hong Gil Dong and his fiance, falls under a spell and starts to attack him. Jeon Woo Chi who dreams of revenge after having lost his trusted best friend and lover is not interested in becoming a hero but becomes one as he gets rid of the bad guys.

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Last Air Date: 7 Feb 2013
Number Of Episode: 24

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